Monday, August 21, 2006

Want you raw

While meditating on milk names (see entry below), I began recounting another list that came up way way back. I was a crisis line counselor, answering crazed Los Angelenos calls for help, usually the midnight to 6 am shift until I learned that the love of my life was doing the Saturday afternoon shift. No, I didn't stalk him, but he was my mentor and suggested we do the shift together; he was easy on the eyes, and had the sexiest voice.

One Christmas, the hotline threw a party for the volunteers and one of the new recruits said to my mentor "I think you're so sexy, I want to have raw sex with you." No, she wasn't drunk. Since Mentor and I were mentally in sync he turned to me and said "Raw?" whereupon (being a sarcastic bitch) I responded with a nod and said "Not braised, baked, toasted, or sauteed." We proceeded to laugh in front of her.


Ria said...

hi's ria.

you are most welcomed if you want to join our cooking club.

looking forward to see you soon.

Mila Tan said...

Thanks Ria! I'll get in touch to find out the details :)

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Pike Market Peonies