Thursday, August 10, 2006

Stuff I pick up online

The start of the day begins with email (three addresses to check), checking what has been sent to me for updating, attending to parents, students, and whoever else. Along the way, I find information online and here are some things that I just thought I'd share:

From article titled: Femme Mentale, San Francisco Chronicle (August 6, 2006)
Research shows that the female brain naturally releases oxytocin after a 20-second hug. The embrace bonds the huggers and triggers the brain's trust circuits. So Brizendine advises, don't let a guy hug you unless you plan to trust him.

"And if you do," she said, "make sure it lasts 20 seconds."

(what about hugging a stuffed toy? how would you trust something inanimate?)

On the Chronicle of Higher Education I learned that the Gates Foundation is upping it's grant for Gates Millenium Scholarship by another $58 million for graduate studies in Public Health. About time too, the initial $1 billion dollars allocated for undergrad and grad studies had specific areas linked to the scientific program areas for the graduate fields (no restrictions for the undergraduate sector). But as the Gates Foundation is heavily invested in public health concerns around the world, it seemed odd that they'd miss out on this sector. Someone finally woke up.

Unfortunately for the students graduating from their MBAs this year, they had better get their job offers firmed up asap as the H1B 20,000 exemption for graduate students has been reached for 2007. That means they will have to apply for the 2008 cap and that will also probably max out soon. That bit of news was taken from the US Dept of State's website.

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