Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I will soon be expanding my family. Mika is back at my parent's place, she's too old to bring over. But being without companionship is one of the empty points of living alone. And I have always been fond of four legged critters, feline or canine. Given my work schedule and abilities to train said animals, I prefer to stick to the feline. Not having my own furball to call my own of late has made it harder to find solace.

Thinking long and hard about it, it's clear that I'll be adopting from the PAWS shelter in Quezon City. I've volunteered there before and I've helped out some. And as no one has dropped off their cats for my care since I was 13, I figure it's time to help out two cats who may not have a home yet. It won't happen till after the end of August as I have to buy equipment like feeding bowls, make sure there aren't any danger spots for two boisterous animals, and double check that I can afford to have them. Food costs, vet bills, and I do want some cute toys for them to play with.

I'll be looking for a calico and a black cat. As much as I love Siamese and Abbysinians, there's no way I can afford a pure breed. Long haired cats are sweet too, but I can only handle the shedding of a short haired housecat.

I've printed out the adoption forms and will check the shelter soon for two possibilities. Will have them sleep on a new blanket so that they won't seem too scared when they get over to their new home. I'll be sure they're neutered, have their shots and are willing to live together.

But what about names? I've thought of possibilities and the ones that come to mind are Mati and Gabriel; today I hit on Kiwi for one of them. Maybe call one after my favorite football player ('varro). Just like any new baby, sometimes the names will only come to me when I have the cat.

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