Monday, June 19, 2006


I had it all planned out, a weekend of things to do, with enough downtime to get myself through the days. Saturday was market day and class, then Sunday I had time with friends and a party. However, best laid plans etc etc. What ended up happening was totally uneven, with all my social activities dumped on Saturday. From buying food at the market, seeing acquaintances there, having class in the afternoon, then going out for coffee with E, with the last minute realization that the party I had assumed to be on Sunday was really on Saturday night, I got home way after 2 in the morning and buzzed. Sunday was the perfect rest day, and I took advantage of getting up late and doing very little.

Finally had a taste of the chocolate mochi that Lori wrote about. My favorite is the dark chocolate, the slight bitterness melting into the sticky rice flour jacket dusted with dark chocolate powder. A definite tasty morsel.

I made guacomole over the weekend, and while the batch was a bit salty, it went well with the blue corn tortillas bought in a health food store. One after effect was the tingly sensation on my left hand from touching the green peppers I used in the guacamole. Got to use gloves when playing with spice.

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Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies