Thursday, June 01, 2006

Katie's last day

Roseville, California. 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Sun blinding. Pool glittering.

I prefer an early morning swim in this weather. Nothing beyond 9 a.m., otherwise I'd need a sunblock of 100 spf.

This morning was reserved to watch Katie Couric's last day on the Today show. After over a month of tributes, the show took us through one more run through of KC's 15 years as the co-anchor of the premier morning show. My favorite moment was watching Tony Bennett sing The Way You Look Tonight and The Best is Yet to Come. I wonder if KC's cheeks hurt after having to smile the whole time, 3 hours of keeping a grin on your face must be painful. And can someone tell me what is eating Willard Scott? No wonder they pulled the plug on him. He was close to rude, especially to Al Roker.

The health issue is over, the sunlight is giving me back my strength, and not having to stress over anything is an added bonus. I was quite worried on Monday, not knowing if it was a simple illness or something worse. A test helped relieve me from one concern, but others must be pursued when I get home. A full health check.

There will be some weeks before I reconnect with someone at home. Time to see if new developments take us on a different path.

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Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies