Thursday, June 22, 2006

A sheltie gives birth to a miniature bull

Mr. Sandman gave me a real weird one this morning. I have weird dreams, in full color, with smells, tastes, the works. I sometimes think my mind must be exhausted coming up with the scenarios after a full nights sleep. While I haven't had any of the dreams analyzed, I've never written any of them down for one thing, I figured that today's blog and perhaps future ones, will be dedicated to this early morning, pre-alarm wake up call dream.
People in the dream: my friend Alen and a stewardess on a plane. I think we were on one of our road trips around the country, where he gets lost and doesn't ask questions where we're going and I get exasperated. But this time, he also had a dog, or a farm for dogs (which, being Alen, is unlikely in any form of reality). They were called shelties, those cute mini-collies, but they didn't look anything like shelties. More siberian husky meets golden retriever. One dog in particular was a sweetheart and spent most of the dream staying by my side. But she wasn't feeling well, and we were worried about her.
Then the dream shifted and I had to say goodbye to the "sheltie" eventually finding myself in a pier or an airport. I was loaded with luggage and about to board a flight. Alen then joins me (so we must be heading somewhere) saying in one of his "I have a secret" coy moods that he has something to give me. Then he hands over a small toy like creature. It's a miniature bull. About the size of one's palm and full formed. It's more like a stuffed toy, but it's breathing, and feels very much alive. Alen says that the dog wasn't sick, it just gave birth. And I don't blink an eye thinking it's so strange that a dog would give birth to a live mini-bull (horns and all). I cuddle it against my neck, and it's like holding a new puppy. Sweet and helpless. The plane begins to board and I'm handicapped by all the bags and the puppy/bull. So I put him/it into one of my duffel bags with enough airspace so I don't suffocate him. I suspect the airline won't want an animal on board, small as he is.
As I walk into the plane, I'm searching for the ticket/boarding passes. All I find are older tickets and boarding passes from other airlines, but they all connect to this flight. I see a ticket for Nagoya to Manila. I give the stewardess a flight that says Star Connector, a red eye that would have taken me from Anchorage to Narita. She tells me it's the wrong flight (in a chinese accented voice), but after going through all the other tickets, I tell her it must be the flight as the other flights are too old or not going in the direction I want. I can sense she's about to give in when...
I wake up.

PS: should I tell Alen that it's not right to give a new born bull puppy to someone? The poor thing probably needed to suckle at his momma's breast for a bit before being given away.

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