Thursday, March 09, 2006

Office bonding for the month

At the start of the year, our organization's fearless leader decided that we would hold a monthly gift exchange, very much like an extended Secret Santa. We then came up with a list of the gift themes per month. As March heralds St. Patrick's Day, we chose green, but with a twist. I am now wracking my brain to figure out a gift, P50 or more, that is green + long! I've thought of scarves, ties, vegetables, but honestly, what I'd like is to find a gift I've stored away for recycling to pop up out of the blue, perfectly suited for the occasion.

I am a gift recycler. I dare anyone to say they are not. It started in 2000 when I began unloading all my 30 years of accumulated junk, selling off books, clothes, trivial things that take up space. Each year, when I receive gifts for birthdays and other events, I think of who I can pass it on to, as it's not going to be something I'd keep. I gave up a Palmpilot at one point. And I think the only thing I wouldn't give up is a free airplane ticket or something involved in travelling. Sometimes I feel like a middleman, sorting through gifts and deciding where one bit will end up, who it would suit, and making sure the gift doesn't go back to the same person (probably the hardest part. Always, ALWAYS, double check the first few pages of a book for inscriptions and love notes.).

I will spend the day checking for a requisite greenish/longish gift, then if all else fails, head to the stores for some leeks.

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Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies