Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Browniesicecreambrowniesicecream ad nauseum plus musings

Did you ever have a day when you get sick of the smell of sugar? When you feel it's coming out of your pores, oozing out of every orifice?

That happens when you spend the day baking, and then eating what you've baked. In my case, it was making too many batches of brownies, testing the recipe until I found one I really liked, then doing another set for friends, and eating it with more chocolate and ice cream. Honestly, I was a walking sugar bomb by the day's end.

I won't scoop a fellow blogger on something she put me on track to last Saturday, but I got to try a new local ice cream maker and it was fab! Check out DessertFirst blog in the next few weeks to read all about the ice cream sensation.

Afterwards, I'll be on a no-sugar zone for a few weeks. Maybe a no carb zone. Oy.

Review: had dinner with friends at Behrouz over at Metrowalk. Prices were reasonable and the kebabs were decent. However, the owners need to update the restaurant innards (to use another blogger's favorite term). The walls need a new lick of paint, the seat upholstery needs to be overhauled, and the waitresses look slatternly. Even the menus look like they need to be dusted off for reprints. For the amount of food we had, and the price, we shouldn't have had to deal with the canteen atmosphere.

Am half-happy, half-bummed with the Oscars this year. I'm relieved that Ang Lee won the Best Director award. He should have won it for Crouching Tiger! I'm sad that Brokeback Mountain didn't win the best picture award, however, it was heavily hinted at the pre-show that something was in the works. It wasn't as big a surprise, I was far more taken aback when Roman Polanski won Best Director a few years ago.


wysgal said...

I actually a fan of brownie mixes. I've never been able to make a decent batch from scratch.

Mila Tan said...

The ones made last weekend were all scratch, plus manually mixed too. This Luddite period of my life needs to end soon though :)

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