Thursday, March 23, 2006

Foresaking penguins for the sake of music and travel

A good friend lent me her DVD of March of the Penguins, a movie I've been dying to watch since it was released last year. I'd prefer to see it in an IMAX theatre, but a free viewing is better than nothing. She mentioned that the extra features were also worth a look-see. Last night was my planned Penguins night.

After getting home and having a quick ham and arugula sandwich for dinner, I turned the telly on, and got hooked on American Idol. Last night's show had the remaining contestants singing songs from the 1950's, and some of the songs are favorites of mine. But few of the contestants sang the songs with much panache. The one performance I fully enjoyed was Chris, the bald rocker dude, who sang I Walk the Line. It was the only rendition I fully enjoyed. Ace's whiny over the pop schtick ruined In the Still of the Night. I texted friends to ask why Ace is still around and all they could tell me is that he's got a nice smile.

Luckily the night's viewing improved when I found myself in the middle of the 4th episode of the Amazing Race. I'm glad the format has returned to the pairs, as I'm sure so many fellow race fans have mentioned. The hippies are a joy to watch, and although they get on my nerves, I'm glad Fran and Barry are still in it. I hope the nerds pick up the pace a little. I'm just annoyed that the jocks keep winning or staying at the top of the pack, and am disturbed by Lake/Michelle's improved standing. Haven't these people learned after 8 seasons that being ugly Americans doesn't help win the race? The mix of personalities does make the show more fun to watch, and you can't help but root for those you hate to mess up.

By the time I caught the first half of the race on another channel then the next episode of CSI followed by some decorating tips from Nate on Oprah, my penguin plans were long gone. Will it be tonight?


George@CASE said...

The bigger question is: Why is Kevin "Chicken Little" Covais still in the competition!?

I wanted him out of the competition since the very beginning. Too bad his performance of "When I fall in love" turned out to be his best yet.

carlosceldran said...

I hate Ace. I hate hate haaaate ace.

Homer said...

the following day... there were two sides to idol results

my friends were screaming "gooooodbye chicken little!"

at thesame time my mom was crying...

i consoled my mom and asked her 'are you of the chicken little audience?'

my mom whispered, 'no im actually of bucky's.'

wtg mom!

Mila Tan said...

I prefer Kevin to Ace. Can't remember Bucky at all. American friends of mine keep saying that the Pickle girl is a sham. Either she can't be that dumb or her malnourished childhood left her with half a brain. Who the heck can't figure out what ballsy means?

Linguist-in-Waiting said...

Hello Mila,

Just found your blog thru Dylan's.

I was just curious, do you happen to work at PAEF in Makati? Your name rings a bell. I attended a F-1 visa orientation last year, and there was someone with your name in the concerned office. But then, it might be just coincidence, and everything I said won't make sense.


Urbano dela Cruz said...

I'm actually rooting for the hippie-geeks in the Race. I really like their attitude - have fun, give it your best. They haven't ratted on anyone or complained of anything.

Mila Tan said...

Hi linguist, Yes one and the same. Still working with students. You might find that I posted the schedule for the next F1 student visa orientations sometime ago on my blog.

Udlc - I too hope it's the hippies. Hopefully their collective karma works in their favor.

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