Monday, February 16, 2009

Rock icons

Spinal Tap is back! Or maybe just trying to make us give them more money. In any case, if you were a fan of the movie (This is Spinal Tap), laughed and snorted and nearly fell off the sofa while watching the dvd, then this is the greatest news since ... well since the last slow news day.


Katrina said...

"This is Spinal Tap" is hilarious! Did your recognize the young Fran Drescher? She had one line, I think.

tessa marie said...

hi watergirl, i googled "american shorthair cat metro manila" and your blog was one of the results. would you happen to have an american shorthair? would you know where we can get at least two at reasonable cost? :)

i looked around and i think you have a very interesting site :)

Watergirl said...

Hi Katrina, yes! She was the manager I think, but had the same look (and voice).

Tessa Marie, I don't sell cats, I only own one, and she's not an american shorthair, she's not a purebreed at all. More of a calico with indistinct breeding :)

Perhaps you can check with the Philippine Cat Breeders Association? There are cat shows every so often at Tiendesitas, they can direct you to responsible breeders. Or you could consider adopting cats from PAWS, the animal rescue in Quezon City. There are lots of good cats available for adoption, they may not be purebred, but they are in need of good human companionship.

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Pike Market Peonies