Monday, February 02, 2009

My subconscious is telling me... something

I have strange dreams, and while I'm not the only one out there with wild dreams, I do enjoy some of the weird symbolism of the dreams, if only I knew what they meant (symbolizing my strange thoughts? that I need to clean my bathroom better?). This morning's dream involved a friend who is an avid foodie, who was selling several of his family's kitchen items, each item solidly placed in what looked like bookshelves and displayed as if they were to be sold in Williams-Sonoma. For some reason, I wanted to get the breadbox, in a 60's bakelight detail, dark blue enamel. So I went to visit him and his family, only their home had turned into a british row-house, very narrow and compressed. The dog was there to greet me, but what caught my attention was a new dog they got, which only had a head, a barking, yapping, white head with barely any body left to it, perhaps a thrush like tail wagging in the back. I wasn't too surprised by the "eric-the-half-a-dog" nature of the new pet, but I did ask them if it was eating well. My friend looked very weak and aged, like his health was poor; he was weakly sipping at the bowl of duck soup, moaning about the lack of flavor and how difficult it was to eat properly.

Should I warn the friend that he might be the owner of a new half-dog soon?

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Pike Market Peonies