Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eat more skin


Marketman promised us lechon, we got lechon. Three of his personal recipe spiced/rubbed/roasted on a spit lechons. Other bloggers have shown the photos of the party, the pigs, the kilawin (ceviche of mackarel), sisig, desserts galore. I know that Joey of 80breakfasts, Socky of Tennis and Conversations, and Lee have all posted their albums. Other than sharing the roasted pig above, the only two shots I'm sharing from my collection are:

1. A crisp white parol floating against the background of the city. White was the background of the party. Crisp, clean, festive.

2. I spied this lovely wooden mortar and pestle in the back of MM's office kitchen. I can imagine he and his crew pounded all the garlic, ginger, spices on it, but what I love is the shape and sturdy look.

Thank you MM/Mrs.MM/The Teen/The Crew!

(PS: I'm tinkering with posting a video from the eyeball and may figure it out before the end of the day. Check this space for one other addition from the event.)


ChichaJo said...

Aside from the pork-heaven I was in, I had a blast with you guys as always! :)

Love that mortar & pestle!

Katrina said...

I eagerly await the title you will give the video... :-D

Achilles said...


To tell you frankly if a New Englander will see the pic of the lechon. he/she might freak out.

I actually showed a pic to my co-worker she was disgusted.

I told myself...
Kaartehan lang ng mga tiga Northern States iyan sa lob lob ko.

But actually Texas,Arizona,Louisianna or New Mexico have the same roast pig when you visit their Barbecue festivals. I have seen it on Food Network and Travel Channel.

The best was Anthony Bourdain's lechon experience in Malaysia.

Pork rubbed with coconut milk and lot of spicies inside the belly just like lechon Cebu.

Manggy said...

I refuse to comment on the food. If I say any more you will see my jealousy in all its ugly, green, slimy glory. Noooo, not a good color on me. :P

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