Thursday, November 06, 2008

'08 Election results

Most of my American friends and family members are euphoric over the results of the race for the Presidency yesterday. I received many a happy-happy-joy-joy text from that side of the Pacific.

Other than the big ticket race, there were several interesting propositions under consideration. I was happy to see that both Colorado and S. Dakota voters voted against restrictions to abortion rights, and Washington is now the second state to allow euthanasia. There were other smaller bills, like banning inhumane cages for chickens (tight fit chicken coops?), which I think got passed.

Since I am still enjoying (and posting) my memories of travelling by train, it was interesting to read that California has passed Proposition 1A - High Speed Train. It may seem a tad 20th century, what with bullet trains in Japan, France, and China has the Maglev. But the US has put train travel on the backburner for so long. Now, the first state to pass funding and support for a high speed train gets the go signal. It will be a SF to LA train, estimated to take 2.5 hours, instead of the meandering overnighter that it can sometimes take on Amtrak now. I hope I get to take that train when it's up and running!


Katrina said...

As you know, I was just as euphoric yesterday! My Pinay-American friend in SF said that she felt the same way she did when Marcos was ousted. Another person in my e-group wondered if this is what what it was like when Kennedy won, and indeed, they are calling this the "new Camelot." I think this is MUCH better than that. There was a lot more controversy surrounding JFK then, and he won by a small margin; some say his dad stole the election for him. And even then, people knew he was no saint. But Obama won by a landslide, and has no scandal staining him. I hope he will be the new FDR -- giving the nation hope and strength during a time of crisis. I fervently pray that he will make the most of the amazing mandate and power he's been given.

Yes, that chicken resolution got passed, which is why, in a California protest rally, I saw a gay rights supporter holding up a sign that said, "So we can give chickens rights, but not gays?"

While I was disappointed that Prop. 8 passed, what most dismayed me was the state (can't remember which) that voted to BAN gay couples from adopting! That's just horrible! With all the unwanted children in the world, why stop willing and able people from taking them in? Even here in conservative Phils., gays can adopt children -- and not just couples, but even single gays. I thought that voting against that was just plain MEAN, not to mention, ignorant. Proof that, despite yesterday's wonderful results, much of America is still backwards. :-(

Achilles said...

Wow that would be a good idea a train from LA to SF.

I wish they built a bullet train from Boston to LA that would be better.

There is a Bullet train from Boston to New York and We call it Acela and 1 hour ride but the plane also take an 1 hour ride but with of course higher fare

Achilles said...

The Gay Marriage in New England is still Legal from Rhode Island to Vermont. New Englanders accepts Gay Marriage and will stay permanent in New England.

California followed Massachusetts.
San Francisco started it but not it is illegal. Shame on those people who voted NO.

As you know Massachusetts always starts teh political transition in America probably that's why Boston is called the "HUB". Everything starts in Boston.

We also passed to decriminalized Marijuana. User can now have an ounce of pot without being arrested and no criminal record. if more than an ounce you will get arrested.

No Income Tax vote failed majority of people prefer Income Tax than having no income tax. I prefer income tax too so we can built bridges etc etc.

Marvin said...

This was indeed a very momentous occasion over here. I'm not usually one to get sentimental, but the moment it was announced, and for many moments after that, I couldn't help myself from getting goosebumps for Obama's victory.

It's also all very ironic that the country can elect a black president, yet the state of California (and others) find it ok to discriminate against gays. I'm not sure how much you know or saw from your side of the world, but the advertisements FOR prop 8 were outright lies! They used scare tactics and said gay marriage would be taught in schools if Prop 8 didn't pass! This was a complete lie considering that nothing about marriage is taught in schools at all. The proposition had absolutely nothing to do with children and schools. And many of these commercials were paid for by the mormon church! Ugh.

Like Katrina said, much of this country is still backwards.

mtan said...

Katrina and Marvin, it is a perfect example of the dichotomy of American culture, on one end the final breach in the color barrier, only to have Arkansas ban adoptions by unmarried people and the Prop8 scenario. The Mormon church... did you ever read Under the Banner of Heaven??? Creepy.

Achilles, yes, the Acela is a lovely way to get from DC to NY, and up to Boston. I've taken it many times and prefer that route over flying up the corridor. Once this high speed train gets going, it'll make the Acela look like a donkey trail!

Manggy said...

SF to LA in 2.5 hours?! And they didn't do this sooner why?! :)

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