Saturday, August 09, 2008

My kingdom for some cheese

HK done, Cebupac worked out. I'll detail some comments about NAIA 3 and Cebupac later, but for now, let me just say that after not living in HK for ten years, there are more reasons to move there, specifically availability of dairy items from all over the world. When I lived in HK in the late 90's, there were gourmet shops, but they were much smaller in scope, City Super hadn't expanded yet, and the EAT section under Seibu was a lovely respite from the otherwise lackluster groceries.
Now, even the basic grocery has enough cheese and yogurt to excite me, and if you do spend a couple of hours in City Super (I was at both the Times Square and IFC branches - kudos and many thanks to their concierge guys who helped me make sure I could pack my dairy goodies for my flight later that evening), then you will have either 1) want to live in the cheese display (much smaller than the cheese caves at Whole Foods in NY or some of the cheese stores in Europe, but who cares? They have a fantastic array for any Asian country), and/or 2) buy every kind of churned, raw, salted with fleur de sel butters - I saw french, welsh, alpine, italian, belgian, irish, vermont, and german. I wanted every one, but chose only two to bring home. And for friends J and M(squared), I brought home a motherlode of greek yogurt.

Addendum: come to think of it, I was the only person who didn't have a check in bag when we flew in to HK, and probably the only one who checked in an insulated bag full of perishable butter, yogurt and cheese on the way back. Clothes, bah; electronics, who needs em. But give me some milk products and I'm a happy camper.


ChichaJo said...

You rock!!! I too went nuts in City Super when I was there (and ThreeSixty too!) :)

mtan said...

Ah Joey, I only got a mere glimpse of what 360 has to offer, I so need to go back for at least three days to wallow in it.

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