Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ganache goodness

I was meeting with my cousin and her husband for dinner in Hong Kong last Wednesday, and wandering around before the dinner, I saw with my little eye that there was a La Maison du Chocolat store in Pacific Place. Oh dear. I could feel my credit card's fear as I approached the store.

I was one of less than five customers in the store, and there were more than enough salesladies per customer. The one who served me was a perky young girl who was happy enough to let me consider which of the many choices I wanted to take home. She asked if I was a nut, fruit, praline fan (no fruits or alcohol centers please!). "I'm a nut." Heehee. Seriously though, I wanted something with coffee or a citrus base, so I choice two of the Guiyaquil, two of the Arneguy, and two of the Bresilien. But that was not the end! For I saw the gift boxes, and scooped up two of those containing a selection of ganache, and a dark chocolate bombe (this humongous ball of chocolate with chopped hazelnuts), and a box of Orangettes, dark chocolate dipped orange peel, and (yes, one more!) a box of macarons. There would have been more, so much more temptation in that little store than in many a department store.

After sharing with family and friends, I finally had time tonight to curl up in bed, have two of the ganache squares, and savor the dark chocolate flavors. Two was not enough, life is short, and there are no more to tempt me from inside the refrigerator. My favorite is the coffee ganache, it floods my mouth with dark chocolate, creamy coffee, a perfect match of flavors. No bitterness even with the dark chocolate. It takes me awhile to finish my selection, I can't rush this kind of enjoyment. One square at a time to respect each ganache.

Address: La Maison du Chocolat, 2nd Floor, Pacific Place 1, Hong Kong.


Katrina said...

You're so right about there being more temptation in a chocolate store than in the department store! Coffee with chocolate's one of my favorite flavors. In my family, that's always one of the first to be snatched from the box. Those with coconut (UGH!) are left untouched.

ChichaJo said...

I'm so jealous! That has got to be on the top of my list of favorite chocolate stores! Nice to know we have one nearer to home now :)

C and I had the best breakfast ever (well, for me at least because C probably would rather have tapa and sinangag) in one of their Paris stores...YUM! Of course with truffles for takeaway! Hehe :)

Life is now, diet never.

mtan said...

My brother would always go through the chocolate boxes when we were younger and if he bit into the coconut, he'd leave it for us to find! Still can't stand those sickly sweet coconut filled chocolates.

Joey, it's so near! No visas required either :) Truffles for breakfast, what a joy!

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