Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fear of flying

NAIA 3 is not a month old and all I'm hearing is disastrous news, horribly late flights, cancelled flights, and a general mess. Cebu Pacific has moved all their domestic and international flights to the new terminal. A letter going around by email details the horrible situation with Cebupac flights since they transferred to the new terminal: 24 hour delays, cancelled flights, poor management service, lack of information or basic details like departure gates, and a general sense of mismanagement (that might be like describing Rome burning during Nero's time as a bonfire).

Unfortunately, I have three flights on Cebupac over the next three weeks. This Friday, I have to take a quick trip to Hong Kong, next weekend I head to Mindanao, followed by a short visit to Bangkok. Travelling is so fraught with tension and stress these days, plus rising costs due to the price of oil. I am going to start praying for commonsense to descend upon the Cebupac management and hopefully they will have fixed their mess before Friday.


wysgal said...

I'm flying in and out of Manila this weekend as well so I'll have to use the new airport ... let's keep our fingers crossed!

Katrina said...

You and me both! I saw a foreigner on TV complaining that his flight was delayed by 30 hours!!! Worse, Cebu Pacific doesn't compensate properly like more expensive airlines do. We're flying Cebupac to Davao on the 22nd. *fingers and toes crossed*

Isabetlog said...

Good luck to you all flying Cebupac. I really do hope they get their act together since they are one of the cheapest airlines these days. I wouldn't want to be forced to pay more on another carrier due to their mismanagement.

Kat, you didn't tell me you were leaving! For how long and why? Lucky lucky!

mtan said...

I'll let you know if the flight was horribly delayed or not. Given the price differential with the other airlines, I sure hope I don't have to consider taking another plane tomorrow. I know trying to get a refund would be another hurdle.

AKILEZ said...


Do you have a pic?

mtan said...

Hi Akilez,
As you can see from my blog, the only photos I post are of special animals - a shark I photographed while diving, my cat, my dog. Oh and the peonies down at the bottom of the homepage were also photographed when I was in Seattle at one time. Photos of me remain elusive. Thanks for visiting.

Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies