Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New year, new music

Walking through Borders on the last day of the year, yes, my book lust continues apace. I picked up more than my share of books in the last 10 days of being in the US. I have a copy of the Reluctant Fundamentalist, Tenth Muse, Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant, United States of Arugula, Persepolis (the complete set of comics that has been turned into an award winning cartoon movie from France), and another 5 books swimming in the suitcase.

I had a couple of hours of nothing, so used it by immersing myself in books, and saw new cd's and suggestions for downloads that sparked my interest. The latest from Nick Hornby, an old but good one from Calvin Trillin, and The Book Thief (young adult or no, it's still good reading).

Among the cd's, I finally bought Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan, a tribute album to Ella Fitzgerald, Sufjan Stevens' Christmas album, and a Sondheim assortment. For downloads, I downloaded three songs by Yael Naim, a french folk chanteusse.

Ok, I bought three more books. Happy New Year!


wysgal said...

Do you always buy books in bookstores? I get a little "guilty" knowing that everything in 30% cheaper on Amazon. =) Happy new year!

mtan said...

I do buy books online, but there's something tactile-ly (sic) tempting about bookstores for me. I can spend hours browsing and checking if I like the book before I buy it. A trip like this one has precipitated stress relief in the form of bookstore surfing!

Katrina said...

"Persepolis" is that French movie I was telling you about but whose name I couldn't recall! I really want to watch that.

I rarely buy books full price in stores anymore, either. After seeing how much cheaper I can get them online, whether secondhand or new, I am loath to part with more money than I have to. But then, I really have an inner cheapskate. ;-)

mtan said...

Yes, I saw the reviews and it looks like an interesting film! I'll show you the book when I get home :)

christine said...

I'm the same, I usually buy my books second-hand now, but Mila's right. There's something about browsing through those shelves, running your fingers along the spines and smelling the pages before making the purchase in bookstores that's just too hard to resist! Hay. I wish they came cheaper.

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