Sunday, January 13, 2008

For the kitchen

I'm finally unpacked, although pictures remain to be downloaded and saved and shared. Other than chocolates, books, more books, and new purple flats with tire treads, I also pulled out a mini-prep Cuisinart (a gift from R), and my buys from Sur le Table. This may sound insane, but they were on sale for 20% and I always need good kitchen towels, so I plonked down $10 for 5 large and 3 extra large flour sack kitchen towels. While the weather here in Manila remains cool at night, I will be doing a lot of no-knead bread baking, and good kitchen towels are needed for the process. I'll save up to get myself a good dutch oven soon, but in the meantime there's my ad hoc ceramic crockpot and lid that does the job.


wysgal said...

I arrived in Philadelphia a week ago and I still haven't fully unpacked my suitcase. Life here has just hurled itself at me at the same ridiculous crazy busy and crazy fast pace.

ChichaJo said...

You can never have to many kitchen towels! I bought lots at Zara Home in Spain...adorable!

I have yet to make the no-knead bread, but I will venture an attempt soon with the dutch oven I got at IKEA...M, 1/8th the price of a le creuset and just as heavy duty!

christine said...

Ohhh you lucky girl! I love Sur Le Table! And the purple flats sound adorable. :D

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