Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mortal sin

I spy with my nitpicky eye a typo, more like a paragraphical error, in a menu at a local cafe. Two new items have the exact description listed even though one has a prosciutto topping and the other, chorizo. As I decide on my order (I decide on a vegetarian version - yes, as J said recently, veggies fear me), I point out the error to the waiter, saying to him in Tagalog that the menu needs to be fixed. While I doubt I'm the only one who's noticed this, and I also doubt the ability of the waiter to take action regarding this matter, I am taken aback, no, shocked in my foodie gut, to hear him say (also in Tagalog) "It's ok maam, they're the same thing anyway." Prosciutto and chorizo are the same? In what dimension have they turned into the same?!

No, there was no minor atomic explosion at this sacrilegious (or is egregious?) blather. I merely raise an eyebrow, and tell him that no, prosciutto is not, repeat not, chorizo. And that he better tell the management to fix the menu typo.

However, I do text a friend of the owner to share in the horror of his waiterly sins. She's the one who responded with the subject heading of the day. An email to request proper training of staff in the porcine sausage/ham terminology is on its way.


Sidney said...

Happy Easter!
It is no good to sin like that during Holy Week ! ;-)

Mila Tan said...

Happy Easter Sidney! May his sin be expurgated by those more worthy than I.

Katrina said...

Happy Easter, Mila!

Poor staff training is more common than not in Manila, sad to say. Just last week, my friend told me that when she complained about being served spoiled soy milk in UCC, the manager explained that soy milk is really sour. My friend was quite insulted at the implication that she wouldn't know how soy milk should taste, since she's been drinking it all her life. Restaurant staff here assume it's better to make "palusot" rather than admit blame.

Mila Tan said...

Happy Easter Katrina.

It's no longer an apologetic society, they think they can pull a fast one over us, and come up with the lamest excuses imaginable.

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