Monday, April 23, 2007

Chocolate chip cookie Friday

The school PTA holds a mid-morning (diet destructive) bake sale every Friday, three tables laden with home-made goodies, mostly the sweet and fatty kind. The buffet is held out in the reception area, no further than 20 feet from my office, the smells waft throughout the administration offices, tempting ever so gently, and we heed the call, pulling out our wallets and coin purses to buy a cookie, a brownie, maybe a piece of bread slathered with cheese and butter, or for hungrier stomachs a square of macaroni and cheese. One of the PTA moms seems to have a direct line into the Krispy Kreme folks, as we find ourselves laden with boxes of KK every Friday.

Last Friday, feeling the hint of a fever on the horizon, I treat myself to a trio of chocolate chip cookies. They're not from scratch, but they have that homemade feel, full of butter, way too sugary, and loaded with chips. Give me a glass of cold milk and I'm a happy camper.

Later in the afternoon, the grade 3 class organizes a thank you party for the staff. Amidst the musical chairs game and riddle competition, the kids kept pressing food on us, made mostly by moms, yayas, or bought from the canteen. The one thing they made by themselves was a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I give them an A for effort and the ability to keep all the cookies in one shape and size. However, those were some of the hardest cookies I've ever had to gnaw on. Too much flour? Not enough butter? I decline on further attempts to bring home a bunch (not unless they could coat them with catnip for the pleasure of my feline).

I think of the best CC cookies in the past year and the ones that come to mind are the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies brought to the Marketman Eyeball in November (Gourdo's 2006), and the chocolate chip cookies of Roshan's, tasted at the dessert party of Lori (The Living Room May 2006). Hockey pucks of cookies, hefty, dense, but moist, flavorful - definitely butter, but not extremely sweet. And of course good quality chocolate chips. It makes the mouthfeel happy with sweetness and joy.


Katrina said...

Do you remember where those Peanut Butter Choc. Chip cookies were from? I'd forgotten about them till now.

Recently, Felipe came home from work with a pasalubong: a big pack of Chips Ahoy Chunky cookies. Chips Ahoy is not one of my favorites -- too hard -- but I do like this variant, so Felipe got points for choosing well. ;-) I tried not to eat too many in one sitting, since I am perfectly capable of finishing half the pack in one go. Nevertheless, the whole thing was gone in less than a week.

Mila Tan said...

One of the guests brought it, Alicia.

ChichaJo said...

What a cool job perk!!!

Hey, speaking of cookies and chewy-ness, has anyone tried the ice cream cookie sandwich place that Lori featured? Penny something? I can't get it out of my head!

Katrina said...

Joey, I LOVE Penny Brown! Did you read my comment on Lori's blog? When they kept moving around, I was so disappointed because I'd thought they'd closed shop for good. So ever since I found them, I've been doing my best to keep them in business. :-)

Mila Tan said...

I tried Penny Brown last year, then, like Katrina, thought they closed up shop when I couldn't find them in the food court. Good thing Lori posted their new location.

Give it a try, or you can also make your own, it's fun!

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