Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sunday, sunday

To celebrate her 31st birthday, we had lunch with Anne at M Cafe. Instead of the ala carte brunch menu, they now offer a brunch buffet for P750++ per person including a choice of coffee, orange juice, champagne, or a mimosa. We all opted for the latter, downing that back before picking our way through the different stations. Oysters and japanese sushi at the table nearest us, followed by cheese and grilled vegetables, soft boiled eggs and asparagus, a slice of prime rib or lamb, plus a peking duck area near the eggs station (omelettes, eggs benedict or scrambled), the pancakes/waffle grill, hot foods like bacon and ham or longganisa, bangus, fried rice, risotto and pasta plates, paella. Wait, don't forget the desserts and fruit display! An overall good value in pleasant settings. I prefer it to the noise of Circles.

M Cafe
G/F, Ayala Museum
Greenbelt 4


I hope The History Boys gets extended for another week, it should be required viewing by educators around the country. What is the proper way to teach children how to learn? how to investigate? how to enjoy our past within the context of our future? How do our moral structures serve us vis a vis our humanity? What is history if not random acts, noticed, acted on, blown out of proportion, and usually ruled by one gender over the other? Snobbery, class structure, innocence lost, angelic voices, religion, immorality, politics, and of course learning, are all discussed or handled throughout the film.

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Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies