Friday, February 02, 2007


After more than 10 years of marriage, one my best friends is getting her second divorce. What happened to her and W? So far, all I know is that she's going through the divorce proceedings, and I only found out because of one of those emails where you fill out survey like questions ("Coke or Pepsi?"). Her answer to "Any news to share?" was I'm getting a divorce again.

Her first wedding was the first marriage in our immediate batch of HS friends. Two of us attended the frosty winter affair, and we wished the happy couple well after a lovely ceremony in an Italian style villa and a boat trip around Lake Michigan. 4 years later, while she was doing her MBA in Boston, I received word that she was divorcing hubby #1. Shocked and dismayed. Saddened. I liked him, thought he'd be good for her. Yin to her yang.

A couple of years later, she was remarried, to a tall strapping mid-westerner, who also seemed like a good match. They had great chemistry and strong communication skills. Through the years, the news from them was mostly good, new jobs, dealing with family concerns. No kids, which was something they both wanted.

Now, this. Another dissolution. I don't know the basis yet, but it seems tragic that someone who I've known since I was 9 has had to deal with two failed marriages. I know she'll be fine, she's got a great support system. I just believe in happily ever after, and this doesn't help maintain that fairy tale!

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