Thursday, July 27, 2006

Winnings, et al

7 months down, 5 more to go and 2006 has been a year of small winnings. I've won free tickets to movies, a chance to go to HK (didn't win the big prize, but I was close), and now, free popcorn. A comment on another blog led to free bags of popcorn. What a sweet deal, and now I'm a happy popcorn muncher. I made a bet against a friend, won a pint of ice cream. Won gift certificates to see the World Cup.

As kids, my siblings and I filled out reams of contest stubs from the supermarket, never won a thing. As a young adult, I'd be filled with visions of what I'd do with the millions won from a lottery jackpot after placing a $1 bet on the line. Winnings: zero.

My luck usually held in cases of riding crazy cabs around China and the rest of S. East Asia, the worst accident was getting grazed near Landmark recently. However, I've had a couple of bad fender benders when I used to drive in the US. And in both cases, my car was parked and I'd come back to find a dent in the trunk, so I never even got to find out who was the malefactor involved (such jerks, they never even left a note to apologize).

If, as the philosophers say, there is always balance in life, should I dream and hope that a billion dollars will fall on my lap? What would be taken from me in that case? A life of a loved one? Deterioration of health? WW3?

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