Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cold quiche, rainy Sunday

The title says it all. Not wanting to go out and find a restaurant, I've resorted to munching on a cold slice of vegetarian quiche (quiche a les legumes I think it was sold as), followed by a small bag of the last of the free Holy Kettle Corn popcorn. The weather report outside is a medium grey sky, rain and more rain, puddles galore.

Yesterday, after a morning workshop at the office, I met up with J and J, who couldn't decide where they wanted to have lunch. We ended up at Grappa's in Greenbelt 3, our feet wet from dashing through the flooded Legaspi-De La Rosa corner, soothing our dampened souls with cold beer, smoked salmon and a vegetarian pizza. J bemoaned the problems at work, the other J regaled us with his recent trip around Oceania and tempted us with an offer of a free hotel room in Guam and Palau at the end of August (dearly tempted but I do have a dive trip coming up around that time).

We wandered through Avant to look at cameras, cellphones and other appliances, before heading to Powerbooks to listen to David Sedaris, writer of Naked, Me Talk Pretty, and other collections of essays. I prefer his book Dressing Your Family in Corduroy (as I don't have the books in front of me, I am probably not writing the titles out, may edit eventually, but not just yet). I listened in to his reading and chat for 10 minutes but had to drag myself away to meet T/L for a movie. The bit I caught was a delight and the folks over at Bruno's Barbershop should get Mr. Sedaris to do an ad for them.

After the movie, J was still waiting to get his book signed, he was number 270 out of 350+ fans. I rejoined him and we had some coffee and extremely stiff cinnamon rolls while we waited it out. As photographs were not allowed, I only managed to catch J leaning into the signing table while David Sedaris signed the books on my camera/cellphone. Naturally, J didn't like the photo, saying it was a photo of an ass, clad in black. Such gratitude! However, he was quite pleased as he had been able to chat with the author who even gave him his address in Paris, plus offered the information that he'd be in Vancouver in October (Vancouver being J's second home). I had to bring J back to earth by reminding him that David Sedaris' partner, Hugh, was also in the audience, and is amazingly cute. Mental bitch slap of sorts.

This makes the second celeb book signing that I've attended, Neil Gaiman being the first, and have not had one book signed.


christine said...

Wonder why photographs weren't allowed. Have you seen anything about his tour in the paper yet? I've been looking out for it and nothing so far.

Mila Tan said...

I'm waiting to read about his visit on Jessica Zafra's blog, she had an interview with him planned for last Wed.

I'm surprised they didn't write up about him in the papers.

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