Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chocolate shell

Was it a mere 12 months or so ago that I heard about Polly's? It was either on the list of 10 best desserts that Lori of Dessert First mentioned it. Or it may have been at my friend D's place in Magallanes, as he'd pick up a box at the gas station nearby. Whichever the source, the cake, a rich, moist, fudge chocolate cake has become our office's cake of choice for birthdays and on days like today (sky alert: grey to front of us, grey to the right and left of us. Horrid.).

Days like today start off badly, late wake up, rushing to work through snailpace traffic, groggily going through the emails, shocked to find one has an appointment back on the other side of town in less than 45 minutes, and having to miss breakfast and any form of nutritional intake for at least another 4 hours. Throbbing headache or at least the sense of one just under the surface of your temple keeps you from feeling a smidgen of positivism. A good sleep is all it needs to get you back on your feet.

Chocolate cake, sunshine in a small brown box. That's all it took to make one very bleak day into something worth smiling about. Polly's, now available in your neighborhood Shell gas station.


christine said...

Hi Mila,

Polly Garilao lives in Merville, just 2 blocks away from me. So you can imagine I grew up with that cake. Like a family member, it was there with us during birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, graduation parties for as long as I can remember.

People who tried it at our parties, would then always request us to bring it to their parties, instead of a bottle of wine. No fail, it was always "please bring the Merville Cake, or the Garilao Cake".

So you can imagine, I have become quite tired of it and if there is an array of sweets on the dessert table, I would ignore it. But after a while, say a few months of not having tasted it, I could have another slice. It's just too good to ignore too long!

Have you tasted the mocha-iced one?

Watergirl said...

No, not yet! I'll have to ask for that one soon. I love mocha cakes. Or just mocha anything!

We're having another La Grotta lunch on Saturday, am bringing more people over so we can try new dishes, although this time I'm going for the truffle cream.

christine said...

Let me know if you can get it from Shell, if not I'd be happy to take one to Makati for you. :)

Good choice on the truffle cream! I can't usually finish a plate of creamy pasta because I get sawa, but I wiped that one out!

ChichaJo said...

That chocolate cake is famous! :)

I really wanted to order the truffle cream but I wanted to try something new :) Next time i will try a ravioli dish...Let us know what others you get to try Mila! :)

Katrina said...

MILA!!! You have a blog and never mentioned it all the times we've talked?!?! I saw the link on Joey's blog and hopped right over. Now I want to read all the way from the beginning, and you have over a year of entries! You have just cost me more time spent online rather than working. ;-)

My family's been eating Polly's (aka Shell Magallanes) choc. cake for some time too. And now it's available in Shell Maya already, so near our offices! Christine, you've caught my attention -- I have to try the mocha too. Coffee/mocha anything is yummy.

Re La Grotta: every time I go I try something new, but I nearly always end up envying whoever ordered the truffle cream pasta. Do let us know if they have other dishes as good as that.


Lori said...

Polly's chocolate cake was on my list of 10 best desserts for '05. Christine's right -- I got sick of it after a while, but then I began to ache for it after several months. Is that what's called withdrawal? :p

And I have never tried her mocha cake. That's the problem when people start loving just a particular treat from one baker -- her other specialties get ignored.

christine said...

It's called the Brown Derby, I ordered it for a paella/bbq party tomorrow. I'll take a picture for you. :)

p said...

did anybody say chocolate???


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