Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Comfort food

I had what may have been the best chocolate mousse of my life yesterday at La Cabane. Lunch with K and J and A, watching the rains wash the streets clean, cosily ensconced by the window in plushy seats. K was not in tip-top dessert mood, and when faced with choices, we only got two - the mousse and the tarte tatin. I decided on the former by sheer chance of seeing it being served at another table. Over the years I've unfortunately tasted some pallid c/m's, usually lacking in any chocolate flavor, perhaps made with powdered chocolate, and kept firm with gelatin. Blech. La Cabane's c/m was a dark color, and when spooned, you could see the bounce of the eggwhite froth. The flavor was a rush of chocolate, with a hint of brandy or maybe cointreau; it didn't hit you in the face, it was subtle, a slinky taste on the palate. I could imagine eating cup of rich mousse when I've accomplished a good deed for myself, a sweet pat on the back.

That feeling of accomplishment is in short supply these days. My knitting project feels stalled, as the person helping me complete the project is out of town and I don't know how to wrap it up. And just when I thought I'd be done with the to-ing and fro-ing for my visa, there's another hiccup. I steel myself for more hiccups. But I may need a way to vent my frustration very soon. The last thing I need is an ulcer.

What I did discover through reading my last medical checkup details is that I have a fatty liver. My last blood pressure reading shows that I've recovered some ground from the higher than normal rate I noticed earlier this year, my diastolic is down to 80. But I will have to drink more tea, bitter foods like ampalaya, and reduce all the good tasty things in life while I coddle my liver back to health. Well, I can do that in China.

In the meantime, a slice of chocolate cake before I return to where there is no place for cake, or where they put full tomatoes on their cakes. And I may mash up some avocadoes for some guacamole goodness. Topped with bacon!


ChichaJo said...

That c/m was really good! It was light texture-wise but rich chocolate-wise...MMM!

Sorry to hear about your liver! So are you like foie now? :) Sorry!!! Couldn't help it!

Good luck on the visa mission!

Katrina said...

I had low expectations for that mousse, since so few of the ones I've tasted merited a second try. But it really was delicious. Too bad I had such an uncharacteristically small appetite yesterday. It still isn't back to normal, but I feel somewhat better. I actually wouldn't mind that much if my appetite didn't come roaring back...maybe then, I'd finally lose weight!

Watergirl said...

Hahahaha Joey, yeah I guess I am like foie, or like the goose???
Katrina, a lack of appetite will help you lose weight for a bit, but I do hope you don't lose your appetite forever! That would be horrible!!! Go see a doctor!

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