Saturday, June 06, 2009

Access is mine!!

It's been a few weeks since sites have been out of the loop in my corner of the world, it is assumed it was the lead in to the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen, and there's hope (of which I am full of no matter what) that when I go back I won't have to look frustrated at my pile of notes, unable to write and get stuff off my chest, for this is ultimately what my blog is, therapy! Heehee

I'm in Manila for a week or two, in what is called Step 3 of my work visa process. I was only informed it was called step 3 yesterday, in between getting off the night bus from Wenzhou to Xiamen, and waiting (to no avail) for documents I was told were on their way from another city. The documents will now be couriered to me in Manila, as I couldn't get the extension I was promised earlier. China's like that, raises your hopes, dashes them, then leads you on towards more hopes and dreams. Sounds like some people I know.

While I'm home, I have a list of things to do: pay bills, haircut, see friends, eat bacon, eat cheese! And Manila laid quite the welcome home last night, Roxas Boulevard was practically a parking lot, the rains pounded the car roofs, the wind ruffled more than a few feathers. I found out that a tree came crashing down on a few cars in my parents family compound, I saw the debris this morning. And my dog, my poor puppy, has had her front right leg in a cast for a few weeks, after an accident, good thing I didn't know about that while I was in China. Suddenly I wished to be back in the ignorance of my Wenzhou existence.


Katrina said...

WOOHOO!!! You're back! :-D You must make sure you get to do/see/eat everything that you couldn't in China. don't have bacon in Wenzhou?!?! Guess Joey's never going there! ;-)

The rains last Friday were so bad, water entered my place! And not from the windows, but through the walls! My building has crappy waterproofing. >:-( Had to keep mopping it up, and now the parquet floor is ruined. :-( To think, that wasn't even a typhoon, just a whole day of relentless, strong rain. I'm worried what might happen if once the typhoons start. :-(

I'm sorry to hear about you puppy (can't remember the name you changed it to after Ebiko). Hope she'll be fine soon. A puppy must feel terrible, not being to run around.

ChichaJo said...

No bacon! We must have something with lardons when we have lunch! Can't wait to see you and hear about your adventures first-hand :)

So sorry to hear about your puppy! Give her the "haplos ng pagmamahal" really works...on humans too!

Katrina, our wall has what can only be described as large blisters :(

Watergirl said...

Thanks guys, she's doing a lot better, but you can imagine how much seeing her in a cast troubled me. She went for a checkup at the vet today and the good news is the fracture is healing very nicely, so two more weeks and she should be out of it. She doesn't seem to understand that she shouldn't be jumping around like a jelly bean though, but I guess that's just her way of saying she misses me :)
See you for lunch!

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