Monday, December 15, 2008

News of the day

Models and fashionistas are wary of PETA activists who may splash them with red paint if they wear fur on the catwalk or on their person. Celebrities are constantly battling with papparazzi for in your face photography while out slumming. A few months ago, a president of a university was hit in the face by a pie from an activist student on campus. And yesterday, in his last month of office, President George W. Bush was nearly hit in the face by a pair of shoes, thrown at him by an Iraqi reporter. His father is (in)famously remembered for tossing his cookies at a dinner with the Emperor of Japan, and President Bush junior has had more than his share of verbal mishaps since taking office in 2001, but a quick search online makes him the first President to have footwear thrown at him. The Secret Service may have to demand all reporters wear socks from now on. Kudos to the Iraqi PM who attempted to shield his guest from the second podalic missile.


Katrina said...

Felipe told me about this, but I just watched the video now. It's hilarious, i watched it three times in a row! And I've gotta hand it to Dumbya -- he may be mentally slow, but his reflexes are pretty quick! ;-) Must be all those years of hunting.

mtan said...

"this is the farewell kiss, you dog!" now that's a keeper breakup line :D

Katrina said...

Exactly! Felipe said it was the perfect punctuation mark for the end of his term. :-D

wysgal said...

I think he may have been a ninja in a past life ... like Katrina said --- great reflexes!

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