Monday, December 29, 2008

Fusion food

Wandering through supermarket aisles may be considered odd by some, but I admit to doing my fair share. I especially enjoy taking tours of supermarkets or drug stores or even hardware stores in countries I travel to for the first time. It can tell you a lot about the local culture, not to mention finding items you are familiar with at home, stocked in a supermarket thousands of miles away; it helps with any homesickness you feel when travelling.

Taking in the wares at Rustan's supermarkets over the holidays I noticed they've added a whole selection of French imports. I perused the packaged foods, noted a lot of coucous and herbs for cooking couscous, chestnut spreads, sea salt from Guerande, Riz d'Or bouillon cubes, and.. wait... El Paso Guacamole??? Er, ok, so it has some french words on it, but when did a product with Tex-mex roots become a French import? I guess since it sat next to the Harisa herbs for couscous, french cuisine is no longer xenophobic, at least not here in Asia.


Katrina said...

I saw that chestnut spread a long time ago and was tempted to buy it, but wasn't sure it would be good. (I was a bit disappointed with the one I got at Terry's.) But when MM blogged about it and I saw its rich, dark color, plus someone commented how that's the best brand in France, I caved in and got some. Haven't opened it yet, waiting for inspiration to hit. :-)

Watergirl said...

Oooo, you could attempt the ensymada!!! :D

Or maybe just french toast it!

ChichaJo said...

I think Clotilde from Chocolate and Zucchini has some recipe using the chestnut spread :)

Happy New Year!!!

Watergirl said...

Happy New year Joey!

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Pike Market Peonies