Monday, October 20, 2008

On a healthier note

I've started a new job and the hours are difficult to adjust to. In this global economic meltdown, a job is a job is a job (and the bills are bills are bills; need one to pay the other).

To help stave off my own financial meltdown, one thing I'm doing is packing my own lunches. Fruit, yogurt, nuts, and a lot of sandwiches. Slapping together two pieces of bread with cheese and ham can get a wee bit boring, so I've been perusing the interweb for tasty lunch options. And I'm also gaining a lot of inspiration from bento websites like Lunch in a Box, Kitchen Cow, etc. These ladies pull together meals that look tasty and pretty.

Last week, I went through my cupboards, emergency stashes (the canned goods in the pantry), and what I knew might not last much longer in my fridge, and decided to pull together a better than tuna salad mix. There isn't any photo to showcase this, but really, what's not to love about lean protein, vegies, and spiciness? Plus I had to fight my feline master away from eating my lunch! This mix should last at least a week if lathered on right.

Not Just Tuna Salad

Three cans of tuna, solid in water
three chopped and deseeded jalapenos
a cup of chopped parsley
a cup of chives or green onions
a can of artichoke hearts (available in most groceries)
a half cup of capers (rinsed)
a cup of black (or green) olives (rinsed)
Two cups of spicy mayonnaise (I used a mayo that had chillis in it, but you could use regular mayo, or half mayo, half cottage cheese)
Black pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together and mash till blended together. I didn't crush the olives, as they add chunk to your salad. Either dollop a couple of tablespoons into a lettuce cup if you're going low carb, or spread a liberal half cup of it in a crusty baguette. Add tomatoes, or roasted red peppers. Eat, and feel hearty.


wysgal said...

Woweee, new job? Where at?

Marvin said...

Wow, that is a lot more than just a tuna salad. Hearty indeed!

And congrats on taking the new job.

AKILEZ said...
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AKILEZ said...

I rarely pack a lunch for work.
When I make sandwiches it's kind of boring to eat at lunch and I ending up very hungry before the day is over.

If I made adobo with rice it is a different story but the whole office smells like Filipino Food.

mtan said...

It's a tuna salad for those who may not like the taste of tuna as much as the rest. You get flavors in every bite, spicy, tangy, savory.

I used to be a buy-food-for-lunch kind of person, but in hard economic times you go for money saving tactics, like making your own lunch! And it can be way healthier than buying a burger!

Cecilia B. said...

Recipe sounds yummy! Am going to try this soon!

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