Saturday, October 11, 2008

Olvera St.

Across from the Union Station in LA is the center of the city's historical district. LA has history? It may seem like a city without any connection to the past, but LA did not simply spring up from the hills of Hollywood. In the late 1700's 44 families were sent by royal command to settle in the pueblo that is now part of the vast metropolitan sprawl.

Olvera St. is now the location of a Mexican handicraft market, cultural plaza, and connects visitors to a taste of what LA might have been like some centuries ago. It reminds me of the hispanic market in San Antonio, Texas, full of stalls and stores selling woven rugs, ponchos, leathercrafts, dolls, glassworks, sculpture, and food.

It's sleepy on weekday mornings, but on Sunday afternoons, it comes alive with visitors, tourists, and musical events.


Katrina said...

I'd never heard of this part of L.A. before. And you're right, I never thought of it as having much history beyond the last 100 years. Thanks for that. :-) I'll try to visit that are next time I'm there.

Isabetlog said...

Yeah, same here, never heard of that too, let alone a history spanning that much time! But ooh, while you're in LA, do try to check out the Museum of Tolerance if you haven't been there yet. It's one of those things I never got around to doing the last time I was there :(

Marvin said...

For as long as I've lived here in SoCal, I have yet to visit Olvera Street. But it does continue to be a very popular attraction, tourist or otherwise.

shavedicesundays said...

I'm glad you got to see some of the smaller tourist attractions of LA. I myself have not been here, and I've lived in LA since 1984!

mtan said...

kat and belle, it's a good addition to the list of things to see in city. marvin and shavedice, I don't think I ever thought of visiting olvera st or much of downtown when I lived in LA in the early 90's. The area around Union Station is quite attractive though, and I didn't feel unsafe walking around with friends.

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