Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My sister who lives in a new-ish subdivision in Northern California complained that she's aggravated by the chorus of frogs in her backyard. She comes home from work and she's got to hear them ribbit all night long. She says they can be so loud that they keep them awake at 2 am.

I am not a froggy fan. I like their legs fried with garlic, but otherwise my associations with all things frog are unpleasant. I skinned my stomach as a child trying to escape a ledge where I saw these large toadlike things at the end, blocking my way down. I took vengeance on them in bio class, but handled them with at least a couple of gloves. And a very unpleasant memory is seeing the backend of a toad/frog stuck at the end of a sewer pipe. Ugh, they wriggle, they slime, they look at you askance. Yes, they are nature's canaries in the pollution wars, and are in some cases endangered. They are not cute though.

My sister was giving away old handbags she accumulates, and one of them, a Fendi, looked like a frog. Dark brown, squat, leathery patches. Took a dislike to it immediately and sold it as soon as I could. I saw a newer cousin of the bag at the Fendi store in Vegas; it may cost the moon but to me it's still a squaty froggy fendi.


Katrina said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I love this post, it's so cute, it makes me smile whenever I read it! :-)

I think big, fat bullfrogs and toads are ugly, too, but I've seen some cute and even beautiful frogs -- I like those small ones with bright colors and patterns.

ChichaJo said...

I fear frogs and lizards like no other animal (ok, maybe roaches and gators). Give me snakes and rats anyday over these guys. At least a snake will kill you before you get too grossed out!

I have never had frogs legs before...where do you think is a good place to get myself initiated? :) Gotta start working on that animal checklist!

christine said...

Too funny! Frogs were my WORST animal (almost got into an accident because of them), but have since been overtaken by those filthy rats! Jo, seriously, you'll take lizards over rats? I never knew that. Ugh, rats are just really gross.

ChichaJo said...

I hate lizards, especially tuko. Yes, over rats.

mtan said...

Oh god, rats, frogs, yuck yuck yuck!!!! Am feeling gross just thinking of them.

I'll take lizards and snakes anyday, although Im talking the tiny lizards mind you. Those gross out big ones with bulgy eyes and komodo dragon ones I'll run as far away from as possible. I think snakes are cool. gorgeous. And they eat rats!!!

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