Friday, December 14, 2007

In one day

... Saturday, Dec. 15, to be exact, you can:

1. go to the Salcedo market to buy bagnet, sukang iloko, and an abel blanket at the first Ilocos fair (in tandem with the regular Saturday market);

2. get a tattoo at the Dutdutan Tattoo Expo, PTTC, corner of Roxas Boulevard and Buendia.

3. have lunch with friends at Angel's Corner in Greenhills (or debate whether to go all the way to Banawe for crab at Fook Yuen)

4. Sit in on the Why Not 2.0 Forum at Fort Bonifacio

5. Do last minute shopping at the pinoy goods expo in front of Makati Shangri-la Hotel.

6. Dash back to Katipunan for dinner with friends at In-Yo.

7. Or stay home, have the house cleaned, trash thrown, cat groomed, and catch up on sleep.

Decisions, decisions.


wysgal said...

Be overly ambitious and do all! The only thing that can possibly get in your way (aside from a lack of energy to get through it all) would be killer Manila traffic ... but I believe it can all be done! =)

mtan said...

In the end, only half of the list achieved. Payday weekend, shopping madness around the city, plus all out chaos on the streets meant rethinking priorities.

Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies