Thursday, December 13, 2007


Movie trivia quiz - What's the connection between The Golden Compass and Elizabeth (whose sequel The Golden Age is now showing in Manila)?

While you wrack your trivia brain cells on that, here are my reasons for being thrilled with the upcoming movie season and with an upcoming trip:

- having just watched Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises (with two fellow Viggo-philes at that), I'm hoping he'll finally get noticed for his acting. Yes, he plays his typical laconic self, but there's understated humor interspersed with all the violence and degradation, and we 3 groupies all agreed that when this dvd comes out, we are going to be using the freeze frame option on our dvd players a lot!!!

- Daniel Day Lewis is back in a new film since Gangs of New York (has it really been 5 years since that movie came out?). "There will be Blood" is the Paul Anderson directed piece based on Upton Sinclair's "Oil!", reviews online are positive, the movie's already getting award's buzz, but I'm there just for DDL. The man can do no wrong, at least not on screen. Guilty pleasure is watching him run around in Last of the Mohicans; my favorite scene is his dialogue with Madeleine Stowe's character watching the stars. He's got this craggy profile that makes my knees go into jellylike spasms, wugawugawuga.

And as I will be in the land of Lala soon, I am so looking forward to movies! fresh out of the box! oscar worthy! Cineplexes here I come! Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp! No Country for Old Men with Bardem! Diving Bell and the Butterfly! ! ! !

(Answer to the trivia: Daniel Craig. He stars in Golden Compass, and had a teensy role in the first Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett as John Blanchard, the assassin. Thanks to Jessica Zafra's blog entry for pointing out the reference to his scene, dark, hooded, walking through the mist for her royal blood.)


wysgal said...

Sweeney Todd! And Atonement too! And there's My Blueberry Nights ... but that's coming sometime early January I think.

wysgal said...

I'm only in the middle of reading The Golden Compass but initial thoughts are that I don't really enjoy the way it's written, and I the critics that bash it as anti-Christian are overreacting (I think any faith should be able to stand up to the worst of criticism and analysis, from fiction writer for children no less).

Katrina said...

YAY, YAY, YAY for Viggoooohhh and "Eastern Promises" being nominated! Our swooning has been validated! Any man who can move and fight like that fully naked (and without any strategically placed objects to cover the goods), look good while doing it, and at almost 50 years old at that, deserves all our drool. ;-)

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