Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spendthrift September. Not.

Shopping opportunities this September:

Tru is on sale at Rockwell (2nd floor, Lifestyle section). Stylish handbags, subdued, no loud brand label, and real leather. Up to 70% off.

Furnitalia at Fort Bonifacio has a 5 day furniture sale. I haven't bought furniture in years, and cannot say whether this will be worth an effort to visit.

Brother's Burger is having an anniversary sale, 50% off their pounder on September 14.

Bazaar at the Intercon this weekend, a friend suggested checking out "couture cookies", and other girly items.

NBC tent will be packed this weekend. Same old same old. But for outlet items, time to start planning the stocking stuffers for the holiday season.

Aroomatherapy at Legaspi Sunday market (every Sunday, 8 to 3 pm) has a sale on their fragrances this month. I like their vanilla mist, and the olive spritz.

The US Embassy is holding its annual (semi-annual?) fund raising bazaar at the World Trade Center on September 22, Saturday. According to a friend, there will be more vendors than previous years. Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes.

Toast, the wine festival, is holding dinners and wine tastings all through the end of September. Likewise, Sommelier Selection sent out emails about a Food and Wine Festival, which doesn't state the date, but did say "Reserve by September 30" - would someone at SS please resend with the date of the event? Merci.

Any other suggestions for spending money this month?


wysgal said...

I'd go for the one-pound burger. On my expenses ... I'm joining so many clubs (professional, social, athletic) I think I'll be spending close to $500 in fees!

ChichaJo said...

Mila! Ack! I can feel my wallet getting thinner and thinner...hopefully my a** follows suit ;)

I like Aroomatherapy's Fresh Laundry room spray...really a lifesaver after cooking in the apartment!

Bearbrick Lover: said...

I love this post – great tips! You should do this more often... :-D

Maret Follosco Bautista said...

Hi Mila! The Food and Wine Festival is on October 10 :-)

mtan said...

October 10 and 11, reserve before sept 30!!!!

Ariel, danke schein, I'll do another round for the upcoming holiday season.

Joey, I nearly wasted my entire paycheck but luckily (?) I got sick over the weekend. I can now wait to spend some money for Toast and the weekend bazaar. Or save it all for ... travel!

Tina, never got to the burger sale. $500 though, that's a lot of networking.

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Pike Market Peonies