Monday, September 03, 2007

Plane pants

Project Runway's Tim Gunn says that what turns him on is a good pair of jeans that make you look long and lean, and none of those cuts, rips, holes. Dark washes. I agree, I just can't find jeans that fit a smaller waist to a larger hip/butt ratio. Deep sigh.

What this article reminded me of was a recent trip to Zamboanga. At the airport, while waiting for the plane, my friend E noticed a woman walking around the airport with a rather odd looking rip to her rather torn up pair of jeans. They were pretty tight, skin tight, and she had a couple of rips on the thigh, while on the back, she had more rips and cuts down the leg. What made us both look twice was a hole that we thought we had mistaken for a patch, but turned out to be a hole, right on her right butt cheek.

We couldn't imagine sitting in a public place, much less an airplane, wearing pants that showed the world that you are either wearing no panties or a thong. Somehow, I just want those parts protected.


Katrina said...

WHOA! Was that woman Filipina? I've never seen anyone wear something that risque' in public here. How tacky.

If you've noticed, I rarely wear pants, especially jeans. Aside from the fact that I just find skirts cooler and more comfortable, it's too hard for me to find pants that fit, for the exact same reason you cited. When I'm closer to or at my ideal weight, I do wear pants a little more often. But if I gain even a little weight, it goes straight to my butt and thighs, which means those jeans won't make it up past them.

Deep sigh is right.

mtan said...

A friend of mine used to ask why pinoys loved jeans when they're so darn hot. I agree, we should be wearing more linens and cooler flowier fabrics.

I assume she was Pinay, but who knows nowadays. We speculated she was a beauty pageant contestant :D

christine said...

Denim is a wierd thing, they're cold when it's cold (I'd have to wear tights underneath during winter) and they're hot when it's hot. But I love them, I think I can live in jeans and shorts for the rest of my life whether I look good in this or that pair or not.

Katrina, you just made me realize that I have never nga seen you in jeans. If I had the body for it, I'd wear dresses and skirts more for sure in this climate though.

I've always taken for granted that everyone I know (or everyone for that matter) wears jeans until last year I realized my friend/boss didn't, ever. Because he hated how they felt. But once his wife got him into a pair last year, he wears it all the time now and loves it. And he looks great in them!

Katrina said...

I do own a few pairs, but not one of them fits anymore! I actually had to buy one just for my BKK trip, because a neutral pair of pants/jeans is the best traveling outfit. I was extremely lucky -- I found exactly what I was looking for immediately: plain black, stretch, cheap, and fits over my behind! Plus, it isn't really denim -- it's some sort of twill -- so it's not as thick and therefore, cooler. The waist is too big, so if I bend over it leaves me a bit too exposed; but I wear a long top and that works well enough.

christine said...

Have you heard of Victor? He does custom-made jeans and they look great on friends who are of different shapes and sizes. I've been thinking of making pagawa. And you're right, sometimes i travel with only 2 pairs of jeans, black slacks and khaki cargo pants, and it's all I need.

mtan said...

I had heard his pants were customized, but was not sure he could do good work for women of size. Now your comment makes me wonder if I shouldn't head over there for a fitting.

ChichaJo said...

I hear you loud and clear Mila! As a founding member of the turnip-body club, I have long agonized over my big ass from the days when I was dancing ballet with skinny little girls. And yes, it is a major pain to find pants,jeans that fit me well :(

Katrina, where did you find those pants???

Nena/Mila, I had jeans made at Victor and I was SO unhappy. I actually got for C and I...his fit well and mine, well, let's just say I almost went on my "don't you people make clothes for non-stick-figures?!?!" tirade. Maybe it was just me and my bloody ass but I had to go back for so many fittings and they never fit well...and it's not cheap either. I still smart when I think of it.

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