Friday, March 30, 2007

Neighborhood tramp

A friend from Chicago has been in town for a few weeks, and we took her to lunch at a nearby middle eastern place. Over kebabs and ice cold glasses of coke, we brainstormed of what else she wanted to see and buy, plus what to do during the forthcoming Easter holidays.

She mentioned wanting to see the Marikina shoe museum and the Noritake outlet. E suggested that she might also stop by the Cardinal Ceramics outlet store nearby. As we didn't have to rush back right away, I took her over to look at what they had available. It's been awhile since I've dropped by at Cardinal and enjoyed browsing through their expanded display section. We considered several dishes, dining sets, and platters. I took a fancy to some bowls decorated with fish and an oceanic flair, which might be a nice gift for diving friends. She wants to get several serving platters and casserole dishes for her boyfriend, not to mention a very Japanese inspired black cup and plate set for dessert or soup.

We walked out to catch a cab and found ourselves near the corner of Kamagong, catty corner to the Uncle Ed Indian food market and restaurant. Unable to find an empty cab, we figured it wouldn't do much harm to check out what's on display there too. They have a good selection of edibles, plus the food costs are reasonable (a serving of curry for P70, 5 samosas for P60, roti channai for P30). Home and office delivery is available for a minimum order of P500.

Another diagonal cross to the other side of the street and you'll find a great little Japanese grocery by Buma restuarant. I am sorry to say that I can't remember the name of the grocery but the offerings are plentiful: frozen section full of fish for your sushi/sashimi or grilled menus; vegetables (lotus root!); dry goods, canned goods; japanese rice; and in the back, interesting bits and pieces for the home. I remember finding japanese short robes and lovely paper for wrapping here last year.

For a couple of hours, one can traverse the world in a mere mile.

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Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies