Monday, January 22, 2007

Healthy Options, Shangrila Plaza

Last Friday, I stopped at the Shangrila Plaza, just to spend a few hours away from traffic and see what's new in the shops. While I had plans to check out the sales for a new pair of pants, I ended up beguiled by the new set up of Healthy Options in the mall. They've added freezer space and expanded their selection of frozen vegetables and microwaveable meals. It didn't take me too long to choose what I wanted, EDAMAME! I love them, like green peanuts, and so healthy (a half cup has 4 grams of fiber, high in protein, and low in calories). The store has several options: half a kilo of shelled soy beans, half a kilo of unshelled soy beans, and several varieties mixed with vegetables. I took a bag of the shelled and unshelled. The bags cost P212 each, a little more than what you'd pay in Japanese groceries where a half kilo of edamame costs P160.

Along with the soy beans, I picked up a bag of ground flax seed, tahini, and a bar of Dagoba organic dark chocolate. The store is still under renovation, so expect a larger stage for healthy food products soon.


christine said...

I love edamame, I used to eat bowls of it like popcorn when watching TV. I haven't had any at home since I moved back though. Thanks for reminding me I can!

Oh and I'm curious how much the tahini cost you at HO.

Mila Tan said...

I will have to check the tag price but I think it's around P200 for a large jar (good enough for a big tub of hummus). Another option in case tahini isn't available - light peanut butter.

christine said...

P200 isn't bad at all. And yes one tub can make tons of hummus!

Mark said...
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Mark said...

would you know if there is a healthy options branch in makati? im addicted to edamame as well. and ive been looking everywhere for ground flax seed and only found flax seed capsules. oooooh but i found flax seed cookies too in the grocery once. pardon my ignorance but whats tahini?

oh and i have a question, i usually have my edamame in restaurants, how do you prepare it at home? i know you just boil it in salted water but how long do you boil it and how do you know if its done?

by the way you can reply at

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