Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cleaning house part 1

I have 5 days left to get rid of 6 years of paperwork and assorted sundries. Shredding documents with student information on it that can't just be tossed in a dumpster, deciding what stays and what isn't important anymore, plus tidying up for the move to a new office.

Came across a few pictures from conferences and trips. And in one of the drawers a menu from a dinner I attended last year prepared by Chefs Carlo and Anton Miguel, now of Mezzaluna:

Canapes - Coriander and lime crab cakes
Seared foie gras and caramelized pear en croute
(wine: Conundrum 2002. I remember falling in love with this wine and buying a few bottles after the dinner)

Fish course - Crisp skin coral trout with braised celery and tomato saffron broth

Plum and gin granita

Main - Ilog maria virgin honey cured duck breast with beetroot custard, sauteed spinach and pickled orange (wine: reserve de la comtesse 2001 pauillac.)

Dessert - mascarpone semifreddo and balsamic macerated strawberry mille feuille

This dinner ended with sips of the most amazing rum from Barbados. Mindblowing memories.

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christine said...

Wow, mindlbowing indeed! I am so intrigued by the Ilog maria virgin honey cured duck breast with beetroot custard.

Pike Market Peonies

Pike Market Peonies