Monday, May 01, 2006

I am a puddle

Heat, this heat. Killing me. Brain cells dying. gah

I thought Puerto Princessa heat was just heat further south, therefore understandable. But the heat in Manila is just as bad, if not worse for being a few meters north and because I was on board a boat for a week and there was a breeze and I was not as hot as this foreffing'ssake.

Back to so-called civilization, hah. But I'm just suffering and feel the need to be bitter. Bitter about being back where the diving is at least 2 to 3 hours away by car, bitter that I missed out on seeing the hammerheads near the Malayan wreck and I'll need another year or two to go back to see those durn hammerheads. Post-dive blues. Woe is me.

On the upside a good friend is now married. Hope she married the right guy though. He should learn to smile.

And Friday, sweet Friday is not that far away.

Why does Citibank Visa think I need a credit increase? Aren't they making enough money off of me? Do they really need to tempt me with more debt? Yoiks.


edwardprice6751100186 said...
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vina said...

i would love to learn how to dive, but i guess, i have to conquer swimming first, hehe.

with regards to the citibank visa, i share your sentiment. i would complain, but then, i'd use it all up...

Mila Tan said...

Exactly Vina, I just worry that everytime they keep extending it, I'll just end up spending up to my limit. Gargh

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