Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Facing the end of something that was never real

How do you say goodbye? How do you end an affair? What words do you string together to make it easier for both parties involved? Does one put it baldly? Bluntly? Be cruel and cutting? Look down one's nose (hopefully with the right kind of curved beak suited for looking down on. A flat nose is just not apropos.) with a raised eyebrow? Point a finger at the door and say "begone"?

Then what do you do when the person you plan to cut dead writes you something that makes your knees feel like jelly? A simple sentence that stops you from ending it all, making you rethink whether it is time to cut it short. And then they tell you that your presence in their life is the only thing that makes them happy?

Taken with a modicum of salt, the idea of being a source of happiness is not enough to end the finality of the former decision. But it does delay the stay of execution. Maybe one more bite....


carlosceldran said...

I am of the school of taking the last bite.

Life is not meant for regrets. Live now. Pay later.

It's foolish. But smart living is never fun.

wysgal said...

I have the amazing ability to do goodbyes sans feelings. Not necessarily a good thing.

vina said...

just one more bite can get you hooked - till you realize you're in too deep and sinking.

good luck mila.

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