Saturday, August 13, 2005

In 5 hours I'm off. Flying! I love flying, I like the feeling of going somewhere far, far away, seeing new places, eating new food, smelling new aromas, waking up to a new sound of daylight. Ok, I like the travelling part, and I'm not a frightened flyer. I don't like the waiting to get on the plane and the length of flights. And... I don't like returning after a trip. It's such a letdown and the fantasy of travel dissipates after coming home to find dirty laundry, dust, and no food in the refrigerator.
My biggest fear on this trip is running out of money. I'm on the tiniest budget ever, and I do worry that I won't be able to see anything on such a limited cashflow.
But having a minimalist budget will make me more creative and hopefully, more in tune with what's going on. Instead of zipping to the next event and next sight, I'll take things slow and savour the details. I'll buy the fruit in season, taste those for a new palate. I'll look for free or inexpensive day trips and learn as much about it instead of skimming over the stories.
I will write, read, study, and when I come home, know that I spent time with friends who mean a great deal, but who I don't see very often. That will be my gift to myself this trip. If only time would speed up just a bit so I could get going, then slow down when I'm there. 8 days is so short for a new country and city.


carlosceldran said...

Which country are you visiting?

Mila Tan said...

Hi carlos, am in munich. your name has come up a few times, my friends remember your tour with much affection (they were the four Germans who visited the Philippines last October). Having a full, literally and otherwise, experience. Bavaria´s a great place to tour, and the people I meet remind me of Texans. Very proud of their region and their place within the scheme of things. I´m turning into a beer drinking, wurst eating tourist. All good!

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