Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Sunday and Monday were not great days, the former seemed to be a perfect example of when things go wrong, they will crash bang hit the skids go wrong. I stayed home on Monday and avoided interacting with people, but some emails seeped in more bad news from people in my life and I knew I should just hide from the outside world for the day.
Today on the other hand was a pretty good day. I went off to piano class in the morning, had a productive hour or so, then went to have a healthy but stomach busting lunch, and walked home with a bag full of tableas and goodies from a store.
As I put what I thought to be a sweet potato in for a quick boil, I discovered that it wasn't just any tuber, but ube (purple yam), a rich, dark ube that called out home to me. Ube jam! Pulled out the recipes from trusted online sources, thanked the grocery gods that I had all the necessary pantry items, and made a small batch of ube jam for myself. Wow, if there's anything that makes me wish I were home, this definitely is one of the top 5. Nothing like a lucky accident to make me feel like life's not so bad after all.

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

I love ube jam too.

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