Tuesday, September 08, 2009

testing, testing

Lay's potato chips in China is available in a lot of flavors. Plain (here called American style), barbecue, roast chicken, and I've come across one that looks like it incorporates chilli peppers and tomato. But the most mindboggling are the fruit flavors. Today at the supermarket, I took a serious look at the offerings. Mango, cucumber, lime, blueberry, cherry tomato, and out now - lychee. I could have stuck to the basic plain which is my go to comfort food of late. But my hand strayed, and thought why not? I don't think I'm ready for blueberry potato chips, but the lime doesn't sound too bad.
The flavor of the product is citrusy, a bit too sweet for me, but not all together horrible. I could see myself making a spicy salsa to go with this.
When I go home, I shall pack a few bags for a shared test taste. Who wants in?


Katrina said...

Lime isn't unusual at all. Tostitos has a Hint of Lime flavor and it's really good with salsa. You know, I think I might like mango, IF it's done right. Or yes, even blueberry. So I'm in for the taste test!!! You know me and junk food. :-D

Watergirl said...

Lol, yay, will make sure to pack them nice and tight.
The lime chips taste sweeter than the Hing of Lime tostitos, I did hope they were more like the latter, but not quite. We'll see how the others are in a few weeks!
See you soon :)

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