Thursday, April 02, 2009


My apartment is in the 7th block, inside a massive apartment complex. All the buildings are 6 to 7 stories tall, and I'm in the middle, 4th floor. No elevators, so if I have to lug anything heavier than a few grocery bags, I'm going to be in contention for a weight lifting contest pretty soon. So far though the heaviest I've had to drag up is my backpack, which didn't wind me up too much.

The apartment is approximately 82 sqm, large for one person, as expressed by all the ladies at the office who have either helped me in finding an apartment, or when they start gossiping among themselves. I'm the newest face around here, so it's natural they get all in a twitter over what I'm doing. So the 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment, with a dining room, kitchen, and a small balcony for hanging clothes is more than enough space for little old me, given the cramped conditions of most of my fellow chinese co-workers.

The place came furnished, and that was a godsend. There's a large bed in the main bedroom, a bunk bed in the smaller bedroom (it was the kids' room, a lot of the toys they didn't want to bring when the last tenant moved out are still on the shelves). Dining table, 4 chairs, a refrigerator (that is still a bit stinky, must do another washdown with baking soda and hot water), a sofa and arm chair set in plasticky light blue leatherette, glass coffee tables, a large a/c-heater, and the dominating feature in the living room is a large tv with all the doodads for blasting really loud music (speakers and some machines that you twiddle for sound). I wondered why anyone would just leave this stuff behind, but I guess they moved on to flat screen and higher end goods. In any case, I don't have cable, and I will either electrocute myself trying to figure out how to connect one plug to another so I will stick to reading, surfing online, and tossing strange ingredients in the one pot I found in the cupboard.

I miss my cat.


Socky said...

And we miss you!

ChichaJo said...

Yes we miss you M! Send me your address when you have the time so I can send a care package :) What do you need? What can I send that wont be blocked like Multiply? ;)

Watergirl said...

I miss you guys too! Thank goodness I can open your blogs :) but the one blog I can't seem to access these days is Lori's! What has she written to upset the censors????

Joey, your cookies! I will figure out the best address to send them to, I think the office would be best. I won't share one morsel! Hahahahaha

Cecilia B. said...

We miss you too! Glad you landed on your feet with your apartment. And that we can still read about your adventures on your blog! Read Lori's blog yesterday, and it's basically about some restaurants. Can't figure why it would be blocked.

My 5 piglets column is supposed to come out today. Haven't seen the paper yet though. CJ

Katrina said...

So you have internet at home already? Yay! That's a big deal, I don't think I could get on without it anymore.

Funny how small town folk can find something to gossip about when someone new arrives, even something as seemingly innocuous as the size of one's apartment. They must be speculating on who else will be coming over to take up all that space! :-D

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