Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Onward ho

My bags are packed. Am I ready to go? Not as wholeheartedly as I used to be, I think it's a part of the aging process, the reluctance to move again, create a new home in a new place, make new friends. Over three years ago, I moved to a new house, but that wasn't too far from where I used to live. This time around, I've packed boxes up, sorted through the accumulated junk of three years (how did I manage to surround myself with all this stuff???), and put my pets up with my folks. I do feel bad for my mom, since I can see with new eyes how much all her kids (myself included) have dumped on her everytime we move house or country. I do hope I won't take too long to gather all my detritus from her cabinets and dispose of them properly.

The only thing on my Hope For list is a working, clean Western style bathroom wherever I end up. I don't have high expectations, knowing what I know... but I'm a positive thinker.


Isabetlog said...

Aw Mila...this might sound weird, but I wish I had gotten to know you better and spent more time with you before your departure. There were few and far between, but I did enjoy those few times hanging out with you :)

Here's to a western style toilet for you!

Katrina said...

Felipe and I will miss you!!! :-(

Okay, I shall not look back; instead, I'll look forward to what we'll do when (yes, "WHEN") you return. And I think #1 will have to be what we said we'd do more of a year ago, and haven't since: dive! :-D

ChichaJo said...

We are missing you already over here M! Crossing all finger and toes for your western toilet!

Watergirl said...

Hi bel, wish there had been more time to see you before I left. Hopefully you manage to travel to China one day while I'm here.

Katrina and Joey, I'm pretty sure I'll be home in a few months, but only to go through another visa processing spree. Won't be enough time to dive, but we'll eat!

wysgal said...

Where are you going, for what, and for how long?

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