Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Of sandwiches and lost food

Two interesting food articles on New York Times call to mind some thoughts. The first is about sandwiches creating buzz (that sausage sandwich makes me want to grill the hungarian links I have in the refrigerator), and the second is about food losing ground, with their own champion attempting to save them from extinction. Would it be possible to set up a restaurant that only serves one kind of sandwich per day, with a rotation of styles ranging from a simple grilled cheese to a cuban to a banh mi to a hotdog to a basic burger or a simple cucumber sandwich served with teas? I think it might be rather fun, but probably not too profitable. A forum for creativity perhaps, buying fresh bread everyday, a few choice ingredients and putting together whatever strikes your fancy that day. A Sandwich a Day.

As for lost food, it reminds me of a discussion I had with food friend T over lunch. I brought her to the okonomiyaki restaurant in Little Tokyo, and we chatted about food (we're both with a local food society so it sort of makes sense or perhaps we're just obsessed). She asked me about my favorite childhood fruits and foods (typically Filipino foods that might be hard to find these days), and as we chatted nostalgically, suggested that I start surveying people about their childhood meals and put together a book. Hmmm, I think she has far more faith in my abilities than I do. Plus there are bloggers out there doing just that and in a way I wouldn't have time or means to (Marketman for one).

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love sandwiches:)

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