Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When it's raining

... and your nose is stuffed with a cold, you stay home and avoid sharing the germs. You mentally berate yourself for putting the book you're reading, of which you only have two more chapters to go, in with the laundry (book saved from watery mess, but not available for reading for a day). So you turn to the "interweb" and read what is going on out there. And watch way too much tv.

Let's start with tv: who forgot to tell me that StarWorld is now showing old episodes of Northern Exposure? One of my all time favorite shows. Quirky, well written, romantic, lovable characters, and made me want to move to Alaska, like LA Law made law school applications jump through the roof. They've tried replicating it (Men in Trees), but nothing comes close to the intelligent writing and verbal sparring, plus imaginative scenarios all in 7 seasons of classic tv (the last two seasons were less brilliant). Unfortunately, I'd have to be home from 10 am to catch it.

Discovery Channel in Asia is finally showing Dirty Jobs, a great show highlighting the most unimaginably disgusting work in action. I'm guessing that Discovery Channel Asia is starting from the first season, so the most recent episode has him talking to noodlers, who stick their face in holes looking to get bitten by catfish, well to fish for these honking big catfish in Oklahoma. Then a few more jobs dealing with manure, worms, goo. Love it! Someone's got to do it indeed.

As for reading online, there's an interesting interview about female chefs, the trials and tribulations they deal with as women in the kitchen; Time Magazine has a short photo essay on what famous chefs would eat for their last meal (I didn't find any of it too illuminating, but go check it out for the photos! I love the pasta hat worn by Lidia Bastianich, and the gigantic pugs with Adria.).

And just when you feel like having a dab of perfume to make you feel a bit better, you read about the continued use of civet musk in the fragrance beez. Kat peez. I'll just drink the coffee.


ChichaJo said...

Loved that photo essay of the chefs! Thanks for sharing it :) Gotta check out that Dirty Jobs show...to cheer me up! Hahaha!

christine said...

Mila, book in the laundry?! Hahaha you're too funny. Was it that dirty ;) Aww, I was a fan of NE too! Really loved watching it and miss it so much. So reruns are only in the mornings?

Katrina said...

Oh, no! I hope you didn't catch your cold from me?! :-( I'm worse today, have a slight fever. Get well soon, Mila.

Katrina said...

Interesting article about the dearth of female chefs. Anita Lo was on Iron Chef once. Not sure, but I think she was up against Flay. Can't recall who won.

As for civet, I actually love musky scents. I gravitate more towards the heavy, exotic perfumes than the light, floral, or green ones -- though I have a few of those, too. Some people recoil when I wear those musky scents, but I find them sexy. :-)

Photo Cache said...

wonderful blog/writing. i am definitely be coming back.

mtan said...

Joey - you'll enjoy the host, Mike Rowe's, approach. He rarely flinches in the face of the most putrid stuff.

Nena - my poor book, luckily it survived. I think the reruns are only shown at 10 am. But if you see it at night, please let me know!

Katrina - i don't think you were the vector of the bug, I had a sore throat on Sunday, so it just got worse over time. My sister was always the one for heavier scents, while I've leaned towards citrus and lighter fragrances.

Photo cache - thanks for visiting! Enjoyed looking through your photo albums on your site.

junsjazz said...

I like your writing style and wit! keep it up Watergirl. Hope its ok, I'm linking you to my blog at http://junsjazz-pinoykodakeros.blogspot.com/ thanks!

docchef said...

To katrina.. Anita Lo won that match and it was against Mario Batali(battle mushrooms)
There is quite a debate on female chefs, especially on the new show THE NEXT IRON CHEF wherein there were only 2 females in the group of 10 i think, and the 1st one eliminated was a female, leaving only one..

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