Friday, December 15, 2006

Ho ho ho with a jelly belly and snowy white hair

It's really useful for schools to have a principal/headmaster who looks like Santa. It's double duty. During the holidays, dress him up in a red suit, add a bit more facial hair, and viola! Off he trots to greet parents and kids, plus have him parade later for the staff party.

I read that people who dress up as Santa's in malls and other events have one of the highest levels of stress. They have to deal with recalcitrant kids, annoying parents, long lines, sitting, kids sitting on them, kids whizzing on them, crying, puking, screaming at them, pulling on the beard. Is it any wonder that another image of those part time Santas is them walking into their neighborhood bar after a day's work, drowning their sorrows? Bad Santa indeed.

The craziest request I ever sent to Santa was a pony when I was 5.


christine said...

Did I ever tell you I once played Santa?! hehe Yep. And I would do it a hundred times over. :) Well, depending maybe on who the kids are.

Mila Tan said...

Mrs. Claus or Santa himself? Wow, that's quite an addition to the resume. Yeah, I'd only don the suit if the kids were slightly less exhuberant than normal.

christine said...

The jolly man himself! I'll have to tell you about it someday, it's quite a funny story. My furry white eyebrow fell off, and I almost got buking. :)

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