Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Holy popcorn batman!

I'm addicted, I admit it. They have made something I really like and would be happy to eat everyday. It would probably kill me if I did eat it everyday though. Holy Kettle Corn. Sweet but not caramel laden. Salty but not like eating a salt lick. Popped to perfection. Few, if any, of those annoying unpopped kernels that you get if you buy cinema popcorn.
I blame Carole, my friend who brought over three bags of the stuff to our group party in February. It was her contribution, but we had so much food that it was left unopened. She told me that it would stay fresh for a few more days. So in the post-party ennui, I opened a bag, and my stomach was hooked.
It doesn't help that there are outlets so near my office. I can go to the left of the building and there's a stand. To the right, there's another.
I buy the P60 bag, and eat it all in nearly a sitting. Sometimes two sittings. Then I lose my appetite for anything else. Would it be different if I were walking around and eating it?
It's supposedly healthy. But nothing that good can be a healthy snack. There's got to be a catch. Probably the only way it is a healthy option is if you eat three kernels.


vina said...

i'm not fond of popcorn, but i got to try holy kettle, and so, yes, it's the only popcorn i would eat!

Mila Tan said...

It's lovely, isn't it? Not too sweet, not overly salty. Stays fresh for sometime.
Thanks for visiting, Vina!

pam said...

on the contrary, it's actually got lots of calories >.< i felt guilty when i finished 1.5 bags

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